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Smugglers’ Inn
Canal d'Amour, Sidari, Corfu, Greece - Email - Mobile: 0030 6944 958 460
The Smugglers’ Inn can be tracked down in Sidari at Canal d’Amour – the ‘rock of lurve!’ Facing the sea, with views across to the mainland, Smugglers’ is a bar/restaurant with a difference, open from the crack of dawn – well, 9:00 am anyway! – until the last smuggler leaves.

Managed enthusiastically by ‘Olley’, on the run from the       
As if the smugglers at the bar are not entertaining enough, there is also live, popular music courtesy of Darren May, a rat-Keith Mitchell with acoustic guitar and the duo act “The Fundalmentals”, quiz nights for sports fanatics and the popular Boys vs Girls battle of wits. The bar has Sky TV and a wide range of comedy DVDs for when ‘the heat is on’ and you need to hide away with a long drink – or two. We also have darts tournaments and killer pool for more competitive smugglers but no bad losers       
Taxation is generally considered to be the main cause of smuggling. At ‘The Smugglers’ Inn, for a small bribe, you can lay your hands on some contraband T-shirts to prove to your shipmates back home that you have visited the best Inn on Corfu and lived to tell the tale!
customs men, Smugglers’ is a fun-loving and friendly place to unwind, where friends and families can relax and feel at home. With an atmosphere like your local at home, it’s the best place in town to find old shipmates and meet new ones.
please and leave your swords at the door – it takes two weeks to get the blood off the floor!
One final word of warning, if you are lurking in Canal d’Amour at night, and Cap’n Jack Sparrow leaps out of the shadows brandishing his cutlass to invite you inside – ignore him at your peril!